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Small Businesses in this day are just as prone to hackers, leaks, and other malicious attempts to exploit their security. It’s imperative to have someone knowledgeable about the devices and systems that run your business. 919 IT Solutions empowers small businesses to rest easy and let us worry about your technology. Listed below are five of our most commonly utilized services that every small business can benefit from:

24/7 Computer Monitoring

Our monitoring tools enable us to provide insight into your computers and how they are performing day to day. Behind the scenes, we are monitoring numerous factors about the hardware and software performance of your computers so your small business can be as efficient as possible. We’ll alert you if there’s ever cause for concern.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Although many users today take advantage of cloud storage solutions, you should also be backing up all your files and folders regardless of whether they’re local or stored in the cloud.   With 919 IT Solutions there’s no need to worry about how to retrieve a lost file, in a few simple clicks we can restore files from your latest backup. Additionally, we can back up your computer’s state which allows for full system restores if you experience a critical error like a failed hard drive.

Virus Protection & Network Filtering

This is a serious value to any small business. We can offensively monitor your computers and network traffic to make sure your business and its data are always safe. We have solutions for anti-virus, web filtering, firewalls, and virtual private networks (VPNs) to protect your employees and data.

Office 365 Access and Support

Your small business needs to communicate and be productive, right? With Office 365 it’s easier than ever to manage and access your business data.  Allowing your employees to collaborate and create while on-the-go can raise productivity. Have an issue or question about an Office product? Just call or email us, you are only a click away from help and assistance.

Computer Purchasing & Upgrading

Investing in computers and equipment for your small business is an important decision, you want to make sure you’re getting the best equipment for the best price. We understand not everyone is tech savvy enough to confidently purchase new computers or equipment. We always encourage our clients to ask for advice on computer purchases – while it may be easy and cheap to buy a computer off the shelf from a local retailer, those machines are not business class. Alternatively, we can recommend computers and equipment for you. We’ll respect your budget and find the best solution for you.