With the increasing popularity of telecommuting and remote/virtual companies, comes a need for tools to aid in collaboration between geographically dispersed team members.    In this blog we’ll discuss two popular products that do just that, and can often do so for little or no cost.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a relatively new product, which was released in March of 2017.  Teams is a powerful collaboration platform, which combines chat/messaging, voice and video conferencing, and meetings.   If you are currently and Office 365 Business Premium (or higher) user, Microsoft Teams is ready and available for use as part of your subscription.




Slack is a popular collaboration which is very similar to Microsoft Teams, but has been around since August 2013.  With a similar feature set as Teams, Slack also has a wide variety of integrations with various tools and services which can help increase productivity.   Pricing begins with a free tier, which allows for up to 10 apps and integrations, as well as 1-1 video calls, which can be very useful for smaller businesses.   Paid versions add features such as group calls, screen sharing, unlimited apps, and guest accounts.



For more information on how your small business can utilize these tools to increase productivity, contact us today.