In this day and age, we critically depend on our IT infrastructure, both at home and at work.  IT systems and applications are imperative to the day-to-day operations of all businesses, including small businesses.  Many small businesses handle their IT needs in a purely reactive manner, only recruiting help when something goes wrong.  While this works for some, IT systems are similar to owning a car in that they need frequent preventative maintenance.  Without preventative maintenance, systems will be exposed to issues that will cause your company and employees downtime, which results in lost income.



Break-fix is a reactive model where an IT professional is enlisted after a problem occurs.  This is no monthly maintenance fee, and billing is done strictly on an hourly basis.  This can make budgeting difficult, since there is no insight into what your monthly IT costs will be.  While initially it may seem like the break-fix model can reduce costs, in some cases the lack of preventative maintenance can make problems more frequent, and more difficult to resolve when they do occur.  System downtime can be increased, which may result in a loss to the company.


Managed Services

Managed IT services operate in a preventative manner, where continuous maintenance, improvement, and problem-prevention are occurring behind the scenes by an IT Services Provider.  Billing is done on a recurring basis (usually monthly), providing more visibility into your business’s IT costs.  Under a Managed Service Plan, you are provided with a team of experience IT professionals who are available to your company 24/7 to respond to any IT-related issues that may arise.  An experienced IT Provider will make a point to keep up with the latest IT trends, best practices, and software tools, providing peace of mind to the business owner at a much lower cost than hiring an in-house IT staff.


How Can 919 IT Solutions Help?

919 IT Solutions has vast experience in both support models.  We will work with the client to come up with a model that best fits the client’s needs, whether it be break-fix, manage, or a hybrid.

To learn more about the services we can offer, please contact us today.